PA Distance Learning Charter School

Learning Online Together

We only use your phone number to reach you. We won't sell it. Promise.
We would love to send you some information on who we are, and why we might be a fit for you.

We're online but we're not cyber. At PA Distance we believe relationships and academics should go hand-in-hand, and learning together is better than learning alone.

We are carving a new path in online learning: placing the teacher-student relationship at the center of it all; redefining socialization to mean much more than field trips and clubs; and serving our students and families as the valued customers that they are.

We are consumed with creating a remarkable learning experience and invite you to join us. We believe you will be interested in how we do school.

Enough about us though, how about you?

• Do you like together better than alone?
• Do you believe teachers should teach?
• Do you believe the learning experience is
    more than just academics?

We know we are not for everyone, nor are we trying to be. Instead, we are on the search for students who want to learn, and who are ready to invest in themselves.

Could this be you? Just fill out the form up there, and let's see if we are a good fit.

And Now, A Few Bullet Points

• Teachers actually teach, not the parents
• Serving kindergarten through high school
• Accredited, meaning the diploma counts

• PA Distance Live Learning Sessions
• Collaborative learning experience
• Free and priceless all at the same time

"My son Joshua has been enrolled from second grade to present time. He is now a thriving 7th grader. This school not only teaches but most importantly cares about the families. This school goes above and beyond to help the students."

"Words will never describe how wonderful it is to have a support team who care."